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  • Provide pricing for a wealth of fixed income cash products.  These include:
    • Callable Debt
    • Convertible Bonds
    • Corporate Bonds (Investment Grade and Junk)
    • Emerging Market Bonds
    • Foreign Currency Bonds
    • High Yield Debt
    • Senior & Subordinated Debt
    • Sovereign Issues
    • Zero-Coupon Bonds


  • Ensure timely execution, placement of limit orders and execution through our extensive network within the professional market community.   
  •  Obtain pricing in highly illiquid issues


  • We settle all transactions for client accounts on a delivery versus payment (DVP) basis .
  • Trades are confirmed via fax, email, Bloomberg or post within 30 minutes of trade execution.  
  • We are registered members of ICMA and clear all our transactions through KBC Securities.  

“In my experience over the
years, investors often
forget to focus on return
of capital as opposed to
return on capital”.

Viktor Böhler Snr., Partner – Bohler & Associates


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