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Our Services

BOHLER was set up with the purpose of providing specialist fixed income advice to financial institutions. From major corporate issuers to emerging market bonds, from triple AAA ratings down to sub-investment grade paper, we cover a wide spectrum of fixed income markets. 

Why Work With Bohler?

  • Taking Time To Talk To You. As a boutique house, each and every one of our clients is highly valued.  Understanding our clients’ needs stands at the centre of our business model.
  • Finding Value In Illiquid Markets.  We don’t just cover the blue chips.  We continue to find value in lesser known issues, overlooked by many financial firms. 
  • Keeping Things Simple.  In the complex world of fixed income analysis, we believe in keeping our advice straightforward and sincere. As a multi-lingual family, we also advise our clients in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian.
  • Not Holding Our Own Positions.  Without a trading book, our recommendations remain 100% impartial and unbiased. 

“It has been a privilege
and honour to work with
the Bohlers in an atmo-
sphere of professionalism
and friendship”.

    Client - 

   Global Head of Capital Markets, Private Bank


We provide pricing for a wealth of fixed Income cash products. These include:

  • Callable Debt
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Emerging Market Bonds
  • Foreign Currency Bonds
  • High Yield Debt
  • Senior & Subordinated
  • Debt
  • Sovereign Issues
  • Zero-Coupon Bonds