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Bohler & Associates Ltd. is committed to attracting experienced, top quality fixed-income professionals to its business.  With senior executives possessing at least 25 years of experience in the fixed income markets, this ensures that we are able to offer the highest level of service and advice to our clients.  The company is also dedicated to hiring talented youth and offers the opportunity to develop a wide-range of essential skills and market knowledge in a highly engaging and innovative environment.    

At Bohler, we are firm believers in investing in our people.  We devote significant time and effort to helping our employees maximize their expertise and acquire new abilities.  Teamwork forms a major part of our business culture as well as adherence to our three core principles: “our word is our bond”, “a passion for markets” and “professionalism with a personal touch”. 

If you feel that you would fit in the unique and dynamic culture of a professional family-run boutique, please submit your resume for consideration.  We will respond to you shortly.


Phone: +44 (0)208 869 6400


“We realize the
fundamental importance of high-quality employees to the success of our business model.”.

Sergio Böhler, Partner – Bohler & Associates
Careers at Bohler

Phone: +44 (0)208 869 6400